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Vishakha Nakshatra

Vishaka is the 16th star among the 27 stars described in the Vedic astrology. It is also known as The Star of Purpose, as it gives determination and a single point of focus to people born under the star.
Four stars, namely Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Iota Librae, forms Vishaka. It stretches across both Libra and Scorpio. The stars form a forked branch and hence the translation of two-branched or the forked one. They are visible under Spica

Quick Facts on the Nakshatra

Astrological Range
: 200°00′ to 210°00′ Libra to 210°00′ to 213°20′ Scorpio
Nakshatra Number
: 16
: Female
: An archway covered with leaves and used in marriage ceremonies; a potter's wheel; a tree with spreading branches giving protection to others; Leaf decked triumphal gate
Presiding Deity
: Lord Indra, the God of Transformation; Lord Agni, the God of Fire.
Controlling/Ruling Planet
: Jupiter
Ruling Deity of Ruling Planet
: Shiva
: Vyapana Shakti, Achieve many and various fruits
: Shoodra
: The Sharp and Soft (Mixed)
: Rakshasa (Demon)
Body Varāhamihira
: Arms
Body Parashara
: Navel
: Scorpio Sign
: Not Auspicious
: Enter the heavens
Beejakashra for 4 pada's
: Ti, Tu, Te, To
Lucky letters
: Z
Lucky Stone
: Yellow Sapphire
Lucky Color
: Golden
Lucky or Favourable Numbers
: 4
Common Name of Associated Tree
: Wood Apple, Kaith, Vila
Botanical Name of Associated Tree
: Feronia Limonia
Astronomical Name
: Alpha Librae
: Kapha
: Sattwic
: Fire
Bird Name
: Red Tail Sparrow
Yoni/Animal Symbol
: A Male Tiger
: public speakers, politicians, entrepreneurs, administrators, teachers, professors, mathematicians, broadcasters, lawyers, soldiers, immigration officials

Characteristics of people born Under Vishaka Nakshatra

Its ruling deities Indra and Agni define the traits of Vishaka. Hence, people born under Vishaka are passionate, courageous, and possess immense energy to see through their tasks.
Vishaka born find themselves at a crossroads more than often. They take a while to choose their destination. But once they know where to set their eyes on achieving their ambition, they will succeed no matter the time it takes. Patience is one of the critical virtues of people born under this auspicious star.

Physical Characteristics :

  • They have a round and bright face and possess an outstanding looking personality.
  • Women will be beautiful and men handsome. Both will attract attention from the opposite sex.

Behavioral Traits :

Among their many positive traits are
  • Vishaka borns are intelligent and truthful. They lead a life according to their own principles.
  • The natives are very sharp and keen to learn new things.
  • Energy and enthusiasm are plenty when the natives are around. They bring in an air of joy and celebration wherever they go.
  • Hardworking Vishaka's can go to any length to achieve their goals.
  • Gandhian way of non-violence and austerity find their roots in the natives.
  • Respecting other's view-points and giving sufficient weight and consideration to them is one of the most positive things about them.
  • They are excellent listeners and quick learners.
  • Though religious, they do not follow customs and rituals blindly.
They are not without negative traits.
  • Vishaka borns are restless and never feel content with their achievements.
  • They continuously worry about what they lack instead of focusing on their positives.
  • The habit of making simple stuff complex comes with their overactive brain, which continually seeks challenges.
  • They are over-talkative.
  • Other success drives the native to jealousy.
  • It is easy to offend the natives.
  • Aggressiveness, authoritarian, stinginess, and sharp critics are other negative traits associated with the Vishaka natives.


The natives of Vishaka are not blessed with abundant love from family. Hence they must select their life partner with care. The most compatible nakshatras with Vishaka are Ashwini, Bharani, and Swati, while the Ardra and Purva Phalguni are incompatible.

Vishaka Nakshatra quarters

The Vishaka nakshatra range is divided into 4 quarters or padas representing the star's position concerning Earth's movements. Each quarter represents a prominent trait of the person born in it carries.

First Pada :
Range : 200°00′ – 203°20′ in Libra
Navamsa sign: Aries
Sound: Ti (Thee)
Characteristic : Zeal
Second Pada :
Range : 203°20′ – 206°40′ in Libra
Navamsa sign : Taurus
Soul Sound : Tu (Thoo)
Characteristic: Persistence
Third Pada :
Range: 206°40′ – 210°00′ in Libra
Navamsa sign: Gemini
Soul Sound: Te (They)
Characteristic : Expression
Fourth Pada :
Range : 210°00′ – 213°20′ in Scorpio
Navamsa sign : Cancer
Soul Sound: To (Tho)
Characteristic : Transformation

Man's Characteristics :

Vishaka born men are religious, intelligent, and energy bundles. Honesty defines his dealings in business or work. It is often noticed that he usually finds his profession away from home.
His oratory skills make him good at convincing people of his ideas. Financials is something he is good at. Vishaka nakshatra natives will not receive much affection from his family. Hence he grows to be a self-made man. Health favors him. But he needs to be wary since he can quickly get into bad-influence.

Woman's Characteristics

Charming defines the primary trait of a woman born under the nakshatra. She knows well to balance both her personal and professional life as efficiency defines her working style. Simple and beautiful is the perfect way to describe the Vishaka born. If stars favor her, she will become an excellent poet or writer. Her conjugal life will be filled with roses as she gets along well with both her husband and in-laws. Hence, the household will lean on her for important decisions and responsibilities. Health will generally be kind to her, though she might be prone to kidney problems later in life.