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Shravana Nakshatra

The word Shravana translates to hearing. Hence, ears are the symbol of this nakshatra. The stars Altair, Alshain, and Tarazed, which form the head of the Aquila, The Eagle constellation, also form Sharavana.
The star is 22nd in the series of 27 Vedic nakshatras and spans across Capricorn. Shravana is also said to be the birth star of the goddess of knowledge, Saraswathi. Hence the natives possess immense knowledge and have good ears to music. They are also excellent listeners and quick learners.

Quick Facts on the Nakshatra

Astrological Range
: 280°00′ to 293°20′ Capricorn
Nakshatra Number
: 22
: Male
: An ear, or three footprints in an uneven row, or a trident
Presiding Deity
: Vishnu — the All-Pervasive
Controlling/Ruling Planet
: Moon
Ruling Deity of Ruling Planet
: Parvati
: Connection or Samhanana Shakti
: Shoodra
: The movable or ephemeral (Chara)
: Deva Gana (God Like)
Body Varāhamihira
: Ears
Body Parashara
: Lower belly
: Capricorn sign
: Not Auspicious
: To hear
Beejakashra for 4 pada's
: Ju, Je, Jo, Gha
Lucky letters
: K
Lucky Stone
: Pearl
Lucky Color
: Light Blue
Lucky or Favourable Numbers
: 2
Common Name of Associated Tree
: Swallow Wort, Milk Weed, Erukku
Botanical Name of Associated Tree
: Calotropis Gigantean
Astronomical Name
: Alpha Aquilae
: Kapha
: Rajasaic
: Air
Bird Name
: Francolin
Yoni/Animal Symbol
: Female Monkey
: Professors, teachers, linguists, speech therapists, healers, comedians, musicians, language translators, radio operators, telecommunication engineers, geologists, psychologists, astrologers

Characteristics of people born Under Sharavana Nakshatra

The ability to obtain knowledge through listening is the core trait of People born under Shravana. The natives are constant seekers of wisdom and often travel to foreign lands in search of the same. They are highly focused and complete all the projects they begin with proper planning devoid of flaws.
One of the most desirable traits of Sharavana born is their amicability. They maintain peace and do not get into unnecessary troubles. Throughout their life, they will never compromise with their truthfulness and generosity. As goal achievers, they exhibit intelligence and fearlessness in carrying out their activities and stay true to their goals.

Physical Characteristics :

  • Male natives are usually short and will have prominent ears. They have a broad forehead and brilliant eyes. They will either have a prominent mole on the face or beneath the shoulders.
  • Women born under Shravana are tall and lean. They will have a broad face, a prominent nose, and the front teeth will be separated.

Behavioral Traits :

Among their many positive traits are
  • As knowledge seekers, they are quick learners and have an enormous capacity for learning.
  • Their counsel will help people transform their lives.
  • Listening comes naturally to them, and they will be trusted secret keepers for their children and spouse.
  • The natives are ethical, honest, and never stray from the path of truth.
  • Ancient knowledge fascinates them, and they are capable of identifying subtle distinctions in the traditions.
  • Logical reasoning enchants the natives, though they are religious.
  • They have an acquired taste for music and other art-forms.
  • Shravana borns, refrain from hurting people either physically or through words.
  • Parents receive the utmost dedication and care from children born under Shravana nakshatra.
  • Peace-keeping, forgiving, and showing empathy and gratitude come naturally to people born under this auspicious star.
They are not without negative traits.
  • They are hyper-sensitive.
  • The native's generosity might lead them to poverty.
  • Honest ways and extreme views when it comes to ethics will gain them, enemies.
  • A pessimistic attitude follows them when faced with challenges though they can overcome them.
  • They need to be gently nudged to move in the right direction.


The natives will have a beautiful married life and will be blessed with good progeny. According to Veda Doshas and instinctive compatibilities, Swathi, Krittika, and Anuradha nakshatra's are most compatible with the native nakshatra, while Moola and Mrigashira are incompatible.

Shravana Nakshatra quarters

Vedic astrology divides the Shravana nakshatra range into four quarters or padas representing the star's position concerning the earth's movement. Each quarter represents a prominent trait of the person born in it carries.

First Pada :
Range : 280°00′ – 283°20′ in Capricorn
Governing planets: Mars
Navamsa sign: Aries
Sound: Ju
Characteristic : Ambition
Second Pada :
Range : 283°20′ – 286°40′ in Capricorn
Governing planets: Venus
Navamsa sign : Taurus
Soul Sound : Je (Jay)
Characteristic: Diplomacy
Third Pada :
Range: 286°40′ – 290°00′ in Capricorn
Governing planets: Mercury
Navamsa sign: Mercury
Soul Sound: Jo
Characteristic : Communication
Fourth Pada :
Range : 290°00′ – 293°20′ in Capricorn
Governing planets: Moon
Navamsa sign : Cancer
Soul Sound: Gha
Characteristic : Balance

Man's Characteristics :

As a soft-spoken methodical worker, a man born under Shravana is honest and ethical. He will rarely stray from the righteous path. His work is the epitome of flawlessness. The natives will experience both the ugly and beautiful sides of life.
He will find stability in professional life only after 30 and will be relatively stable till 45. But it is only when he reaches 65 years that he will experience real progress financially and socially. Shravana born men will have a blissful married life as they find their perfect soul-mates. Though there are strifes as in any household, he will be blessed with good progeny.
Ear, skin, and digestive problems are common to the natives when it comes to health.

Woman's Characteristics

Charity and piousness are the most prominent traits of Shravan born women. They are very talkative and cannot keep secrets from their husbands. Though blessed for knowledge, her interest will primarily lie in fine-arts, and she will make an exceptional dancer.
As a perfectionist, she will take excellent care of her household, especially her husband and parents. She will face skin problems like eczema when it comes to health, but nothing major will affect her.
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