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Have you or your loved ones been feeling restless or uneasy with symptoms, such as a sudden loss of appetite, uncontrollable yawning, fever, or hiccups? If this is the case, you should exercise caution and seek protection. Why? Because the hinted symptoms are signs of someone casting an evil eye on you and your family. And if you put it off, it may take a worse turn and have long-term negative consequences. That being the case, it’s crucial and recommended by pundits and astrologers to take firm steps how to get rid of the evil eye.

The myth of the Evil Eye has been around for centuries. The idea is that you can be cursed by a third party, usually a person with the ability to harm others. This legend is most common in Eastern Europe and Africa. This myth is frequently associated with the concept of witchcraft in Europe. Using old-fashioned remedies that have been around for many years is one useful way to prevent the evil eye from affecting you. These remedies include using herbs, magic chants, and even wearing evil eye pendants or stones.

Indications of evil eye infliction

Before implementing methods to protect against evil eyes, it is critical to understand the clear signs of evil eye indications. As a result, look for the following symptoms to help you identify them. The major indicators are as follows:

  • Yawning ceaselessly
  • Sudden rise and fall of body temperature
  • An unceasing desire to sneeze
  • The emergence of patches and boils on the body
  • Bruises
  • Anxiety, fear, and feeling of hopelessness
  • Constriction of the Chest

The evil eye(Drishti) is a popular belief that somebody can voluntarily or involuntarily bring disease and disgrace to another person by looking at them, usually brought on by envy. In some cultures, the belief is focused on children, where someone can inadvertently give a child the evil eye by complimenting them, as it draws in negative energy. If you think you or your child is suffering from the evil eye, you can use the evil eye pendants, Necklace, Bracelet, Anklets, Key chain, Wall Hangigs are the different evil eye products helps to diagnose and cure it.

Below are some informative solutions to look out for from around the world and India in order to avoid the vengeful effects of the evil eye.

Dangling a mirror at the entrance of your dwelling.

This practice is most prominent in China and is said to be very efficacious in warding off the evil eye of an enemy or someone with bad intentions for you and your property. There are various options available in the market that comes as a decor hanging mirror item that you can use at the front door. It works so that when someone casts their evil intentions, the glass reflects away the negative energy. And is one impactful evil eye protection for house.


A horseshoe is a traditional decoration found in many homes and buildings throughout the United States. The horseshoe is a powerful evil eye protection item and is thought to have been used to conquer evil spirits and witchcraft powers. For a long time, the horseshoe has been associated with protection, but it has also been used as a charm or amulet for good luck. It is also a symbol of fertility and good luck in many cultures. Or you can further integrate the horseshoe symbol into your ornaments or wall art.

The Safety Pin Tactic

It is one of the easiest and effortless ways to block your negative aura. Use a simple safety underneath your outfit, and it will do its work. However, make sure to remove the pin and leave it open for a night once a week. Eventually, this aids in recharging the pin with new and fresh energy that enhances its power to shield the negative energies.

But, one needs to keep in mind that the pin must be discarded when there’s any change in the color. That indicates that it has lost its power to protect you. Moreover, you can use the safety pin combined with the evil eye symbol, which would work more efficiently.

Chanting of Prayers and Mantras

Many cultures implement the chanting of prayer and mantras to protect themselves from the evil eye. There are many different versions of the prayer, but they all have the same meaning. Through the prayer chanted, the sufferer asks God to protect their body, soul, and mind from all the harm.

Few such popular prayers to recite are the “Hanuman Chalisa,” “Durga Gayatri,” “Rudrayamal Tantra,” and “Gayatri Mantra. It’s said that it’s so powerful that no evil forces can inflict any harm if you chant it regularly every evening and morning.

How to Get Rid Of the Evil Eye

  • How to know that you are affected by the evil eye?: Apart from symptoms, there are other ways to determine whether you are affected by the evil eye. Let’s see how:
  • Coal method: Take a piece of charcoal and drop it in the water. If it sinks, it is a good sign, whereas if it floats, you are affected by the evil eye.
  • Wax method: Burn the candle and drop the liquified wax into the holy water(Gangajal), then see how it reacts with it. If wax splatters or sticks to the side, then you are affected by the evil eye.
  • Oil method: Drop oil into the water and see how it reacts with it. If an eye is formed, then you have been affected by the evil eye.

What does the evil eye do to you?

  • Heavy loss in business 
  • Joblessness
  • Will suffer from serious diseases
  • A sense of hopelessness
  • Will become lethargic, lazy

How do I remove Nazar from my house?

Your household is the place where you eat, sleep and live. Leading a peaceful and healthy life, earning a good income, excelling in business, and having good bonding among family members, are some of the key things which you aspire to. If your house is impacted by “nazar”, the opposite happens. The peaceful environment will change to frequent quarrels, relationships among family members start to become sour, you might incur a heavy loss in your business, lose your job, and serious diseases might affect you or any of your family members. 

It is better you start doing some remedies so that the “nazar” does not impact your house:

  • Every Friday, hang a mala made up of Saraca asoca leaves on your house entrance.
  • Take a peacock feather and stick it to the main door of your house.
  • Sprinkle Gangajal in each room and each corner of your home.

Try these. It can help you ward off the effects of “nazar” and restore your house’s happiness and peace. If these have no impact on the ill effects of “nazar”, you can consult Vastu experts online or offline to determine the pujas that need to be performed.


Home remedy to remove evil eye?

You can get rid of the effects of the evil eye by following home remedies:

  • Alum/Fitkari – On the affected person, revolve a piece of alum and rotate it seven times in an anticlockwise direction. After this, put the alum in a heated tawa. Let it melt, and then let it solidify. Take it to any crossroad, throw it towards the south direction, and come back to your home without looking back. It is better to do it on Tuesdays or Saturdays.
  • Nazar Battu – You might have seen “Nazar battu” on goods trucks on the backside or front and also on the outside of some households. They do it to ward off the evil eye effects which can fall on them. The “Nazar battu” neutralizes the negative feelings or thoughts generated by evil eyes. You can Hang “Nazar battu” on your house’s balcony or on your house’s main entrance door.
  • Sea water – Take sea water and distill it with a white cloth. Mix a small proportion of “Gau Mutra” with the distilled water and spray it on every room and corner of your house. It is more effective on Tuesdays, Fridays, full moon days, etc. Doing this will burn the evil eye’s impact on your home. 

Using Salt and Mustard Seeds

To keep away the evil eye, employ the methods listed below while incorporating salt and mustard seeds.

  • Combine salt and mustard seeds, with salt owning a higher percentage of the total.
  • Make a fist with a pinch of this salt and mustard seed mixture, using all of your fingers on both hands.
  • Step forward while flipping the tight fists pointed downward (toward the ground).
  • The person trying to ward off the evil eye should then wave his or her hands clockwise from lower to upper and inside to outside.
  • The salt and mustard seeds must be fired on burning coal after the casting off technique.


Always place a bowl of salt filled with crystals in the corner of your living room. This helps to protect the positive energy and create a happy environment, shielding you from your enemy’s envy and jealousy. But, remember to replace the salt once a week and cleanse the crystals using moon water. It energizes the crystals and works more effectively.

Try the Touch Method

The least demanding approach to fix the evil eye, as per a few, is to have the individual who caused the evil eye contact the kid. Since the evil eye is typically unexpected, the individual ought to have no issue with essentially contacting the youngster. It doesn’t make a difference where the kid is contacted. On the hand or temple should get the job done. This conviction is most unmistakable in Hispanic societies. The evil eye is as far as anyone knows caused (once in a while) by an individual complimenting a kid without contacting that person.

Use an Egg

In Mexico and Latin countries, some parents use an egg. They pass the egg over the child’s body, commonly a prayer is said along with this such as the Our Father, and then put the egg in the bowl beneath the pillow. They leave it there during the night and check to see if the white is foggy in the morning. If it is, the child was affected by the evil eye. This method also cures the evil eye at the same time.

Try Hand Gestures

Some say that making certain gestures with your hand can ward off or cure the evil eye. One gesture is the Mano Cornuto, which is just a fist with the index and pinkie extended (horned hand). Point your hand down when making this gesture. Another is the mano fico, where you stick your thumb in between your index finger and middle finger (fig hand) in a fist. Some Italians carry a little red horn (Corna) around by wearing it or keeping it on a key chain. The horn is worn in place of making the horned hand sign.

Find a six-sided mirror

One method said to cure the evil eye is the use of a mirror to reflect bad energy. This method is used in China. You simply hang the mirror in a front window or on the front door. Some people in India also use mirrors to cure or ward off the evil eye. However, instead of placing it in the home, small mirrors are sewn into clothes or worn on the body.

Use a healer

Folk healers often provide cures for the evil eye. If you don’t feel confident in healing the evil yourself, you can try a healer, who will perform the rituals for you.

Wrapping up

If you believe you are being influenced by the “evil eye,” we hope you will find our blog post useful in dispelling this negative force or feeling. There is much to be said about the power of the evil gaze, but it is never too late to rid oneself of it. In addition, if you want to defend the negative energies using wearing jewelry or accessories, PujaNPujari owns a diverse range of bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and hanging decor items. So, don’t put off placing your order and embrace a safe and peaceful life.


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