Benefits of Honey and Its Traditional Uses



Honey, a widely used natural product, has been used since the Stone Age, as evidenced by paintings deciphered by anthropologists. This very ancient medicinal, edible, and healing natural substance is said to have had a very therapeutic effect and has been used throughout the ages until today. There have been many shreds of evidence on the usage of this valuable natural sweetener by our ancestors, and it’s no wonder as to why it has become an important ingredient in every aspect of our lives across the globe. 

More than anything, it serves as an essential culinary intricacy and skin healing property. If the truth is told, this natural syrup influences most parts of our life in its own significant way.

Let’s have a look on the nutritional content in honey (per 100g)


               Components                                                                        Content

Fructose 38.5 g
Sucrose 1 g
Glucose  31 g
Carbohydrate 32 g
Dietary Fibres 0.2 g
Niacin 0.121 mg
Fat  0 g
Protein 0.3 g
Vitamin C 0.5 g
Water 17.1 g
Calcium 6 mg
Magnesium 2 mg
Phosphorous 4 mg
Iron 0.42 mg
Riboflavin 0.038 mg
Vitamin B5 0.068 mg
Vitamoin B6 0.024 mg
Folate 0.002 mg
Other Sugars 11.7 mg
Protein 0.3 g


So, let’s delve into the countless benefits of honey.

 They are as follows:-

  • As an alternative to sugar

Hey, won’t it be great if you could binge on sugary products without worrying about gaining weight or having adverse effects? You certainly can. Eating those pastries, cookies, and other sugary stuff may seem irresistible, but in the long run, they add lots of calories, and you end up in dieting and crash diet. In addition to that, it results in increased blood sugar levels and heart ailments.

 Hence, the better option lies in switching those white cubes to something natural, like raw honey. It’s jammed with antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, zinc, mineral, and iron, unlike white sugar. Though honey constitutes additional fructose, it has a minimal glycemic index, formulating it as the best sugar replacer.


2. Honey has antiseptic wound healing properties.

Evidently, honey’s curative value has been illustrated in the world’s earliest known therapeutic research studies. Numerous studies have proven honey to be the most effective ingredient in repairing or healing cuts and wounds. This miraculous natural liquid sugar has proven to defeat even the bacteria in leg ulcer patients. It is because the healing property of honey keeps wounds hydrated, and its high viscidity & gumminess helps to build a defensive fence against infection.


3. Helps to soothe cold and cough vital signs

Moreover, honey has been known for ages to cure cough, asthma, constriction in the chest, and also remove excessive mucus. In short, it works as an excellent suppressant for any symptoms that causes difficulty in breathing. That’s the reason why health care professionals recommend having two full tablespoons of honey before sleep. The sweetness of honey stimulates your salivary glands to yield additional saliva. Thus, it helps unclog your air passages and help relieve your cough.


4. Honey promotes digestion.

The enzymes in honey aid in the breakdown of food, i.e. carbohydrates and sugars in particular, as they function as a stimulant in digestion. Also, experiments have shown that intake of honey along with lemon juice mixed in lukewarm water cures constipation and digestion of food. This works by detoxifying the colon and excreting out all of your body’s toxins.


Honey can be used to aid digestion in a variety of ways, as listed below.

  • Regular consumption of honey is beneficial for your health in many ways, especially digestion. Take one or two tablespoons of honey, and you can witness the difference it makes.
  • The other way to have a dose of this natural liquid sweetener is by stirring it in a glass of lukewarm water.
  • Also, you can swap the unhealthy jams with honey on your bread at breakfast. Try it today and gorge it without any worry of gaining those extra pounds, which could have been caused by the sugars in the jam.

5. Honey works wonders for weight loss.

It will surprise you to know the fact that this easily accessible natural liquid sweetener can create magic in your weight loss journey. Honey blended with cinnamon powder in a glass of water helps to burn stubborn belly fat.

Besides, this natural sweetening agent has the capacity to lessen our appetite and thus, resulting in weight loss. The best part about incorporating honey into your diet is that it prevents you from snacking unnecessarily by tamping down your food cravings, which otherwise contribute significantly to weight gain.

6. Honey can help prevent acid reflux.

Most of the people around us have faced the problem of acidity, which can result in chest pain or burning sensation in the chest and even difficulty in breathing. But, the remedy to this is quite simple because a sufficient amount of honey provides impressive results. Filled with the goodness of antioxidants, it plays a crucial role in preventing the destruction of cells caused by free radicals. It is known that free causes significant destruction to the lining of the cells in the digestive pathway. But, consuming honey helps to work against it, and in addition to that, it prevents the burning sensation on the esophagus by forming a thick layer on it due to its viscosity.

7. Honey is an excellent immunity booster.

Packed with vitamins B, vitamin C, and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, & phosphorous, it lets out harmful toxins and protects the body from any infections or contagious diseases. Thus, our ancestors have always advised us to have a spoon of honey whenever we are sick or early in the morning every day.

8. Honey is your go-to natural skin care solution.

In case you’re looking to buy those pricey cosmetics as a remedy to heal your skin or to bring back that glow, it is advisable to grab a bottle of honey from the supermarket store. Why? Just because they are loaded with moisturizing properties and are known to remove skin impurities that cause blackheads. Also, regular application of raw honey can bring a radiant glow to your skin beyond your expectations. Try it out today and flaunt your new glowing skin like never before in a few days!

9. It helps in healthy blood formation.

When honey is prepared with lukewarm water, it provides a constructive effect on the number of red blood cells (RBCs) in the blood. We all know that the Red Blood Corpuscles (RBCs) play a significant role in carrying oxygen from the bloodstream to other parts of our body. And honey with lukewarm water helps to alleviate the hemoglobin level, thus enhancing the oxygen-carrying capacity. Eventually, to healthy blood formation in the body.

In closing

Research and studies have repeatedly proved the many benefits of this natural sweetening agent & it doesn’t cease to wow us with its amazing properties. Being in use since the ancient ages, honey is a valuable ingredient found in everyone’s home. So, the next time you feel a slight ache on your chest or get a cut, rush to your kitchen cabinet and apply it. 

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