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    Anand Guruji is just a click away!!!!!.

    And its time to put rest for your much awaited interaction with the greatest spiritual – astrological personality of our times – Dr.Maharshi Anand Guruji, astrologer, writer, founder Of ‘Brahmarshi Ananda Siddipeetam’ and an inspiring figure for millions.In the context of astrology, his contributions are infinite ranging from numerous books on astrology to most viewed devotional programs including ‘Maharshi Vani’ in Zee Kannada.

    An enlightened soul dedicated his mind and body for up-lifting humanity with wisdom and timeless knowledge from Vedas. Philanthropist touching poor and needy with his works of charity and another dozen definitions may not be enough to glorify his expertise in spiritual healing. His ever-growing follower numbers across world proves it all. Successful stories of individuals and families touched by his spiritual guidance are surfacing everywhere.

    He will help you in solving the problems prevailing for long time by reading your horoscope in personal. Get over your issues with divine insights and step into limelight of success and fame. Now getting in touch with him is made easy. Get your appointment now.

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