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Pyramid Bamboo Plant

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Bamboo plants are Vastu complaint plants which is sown and grown inside and outside the house. Being a plant it is highly auspicious from feng shui point of view. While buying them we must keep in mind their shape, size and place where it should be kept and also it’s maintenance is important. Always buy the bamboo plants with more number of stalks because more the number of stalks, more beneficial it will be

 • 2 - Stalks - It symbolizes love and faith.
 • 3 - Stalks - It symbolizes luck, wealth, happiness and provides longevity.
 • 4 - Stalks - It is not preferable as they draw negative energy towards itself.
 • 5 - Stalks - It influences physical, mental, spiritual and all other areas of life.
 • 6 - Stalks - One of the most luckiest plants and instills wealth and prosperity.
 • 7 - Stalks - It signifies good health
 • 8 - Stalks - It symbolizes all materialistic growth and development of the housemates. 
 • 9 - Stalks - It is considered as a lucky charm and bestows luck and fame.
 • 10 - Stalks - This enables to fulfil all your dreams.
 •21 - Stalks - It is the most luckiest and one of the best choice to be kept at home.                                                             Location

 • Always place the bamboo plant in South-East direction. It enables best results and instill wealth and happiness in the surrounding areas. 
 • It can also be kept in the East, which ensures good health to its care takers. 


 • A bamboo plant represents five elements such as: Water, Wood, Earth, Fire and Metal.  -  Always keep pebbles in the pot which signifies Earth, tie a red ribbon around the tree to represent fire, fill in filtered water and the tree itself is wood and at last put a coin inside it which represents metal. 
 • When placing in a specified direction, always make sure it is kept on the right side. 
• Keep cutting the yellow leaves for maximum benefits. 


 •Avoid buying yellow or dark green coloured plants as they are inauspicious. 
 • Avoid using chlorine and fluoride mixed water. 
 • Use a deep pot to immerse the stems properly. 
 • Keep the plant away from direct sunlight. 
 •Change the water on regular basis. 

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