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Reviews for Popular pooja-mandir

June 4, 2019

Brown Stylish Wooden Temple

I ordered this item from puja n pujari. Mandir is excellent made of shining wooden.Within 4 days i got this item very nice. we can arrange the puja items in the below draw. The top is well designed with the symbol OM.

June 6, 2019

Handcrafted Wooden Temple

I was very much impressed. Pooja mandir is very excellent and decent. We can arrange the photo-frames in a single mandir and also the deity idols. Very attractively designed and bells at the side with deepams very attractive and reasonable price.

June 7, 2019

Wooden Hinged Temple

This mandir i have bought from puja n pujari. Very spacious to place the photoframes or idols inside the mandir. There is a draw to store the pooja items and entire mantap is made of wood. Very happy to buy mantap like this from puja n pujari

Shop Best Puja Mandirs Online:

Mandir is a place where all Hindus perform puja and homams. It is the most sacred one to worship and preach. India being a Hindu majority country, is full of crore of temples along with the ones present inside each Hindu household. Any individual whether visits a big or famous temple or not but they certainly stand and pray in front of the worshiping area of their house.

Puja N Pujari being a responsiblespiritual firm, brings specialized and beautifully carved outwooden puja mandir for our customers puja use. These puja mandirs are designed with drawers to help store puja materials along with domes and pillars to give a perfect spiritual look.

We do have vendors who can deliver you puja mandirs in all major cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat, Pune.

Significance of Puja Mandirs:

A Mandir doesn't require any significance rather it itself is the only significant fact. Praying at a mandir makes our home sacred and divine. Specializedwooden temples are made with simple intricate designs along withrichmodern contours which is fascinating and brings peace and calmness to your home.

  • Wood is nature’s essence and brings the same to your house.
  • Wooden templesremoves negativity and makes the aura auspicious and serene.
  • Establishing and worshiping at temples instills devotion, solemnity and divinity at home and workplaces.

Our Versatility:

  • Sagar Mantap: These types of mandir’s are made up in style of the “Devi Mariyamman in the Sagara Town of Shimoga district, Karnataka.
  • Meenakshi Mantap: These temples are replica of Meenakshi temple of Madurai, Tamilnadu.
  • Marble Mantap: Very beautiful and serene marble temples gives your house and worship area an elegant look. Its shiny white colour adds to the glory as well. These hand crafted puja mandir’s can also serve as perfect gift for your loved one's
  • Customized Puja Ghar: At Puja N Pujari we deliver customized and large sized puja mandirs as per customer requirement. We have experts who can design and build a perfect puja ghar either with wood or marble according to your requirement.. If you have any custom puja requirements, feel free to contact us.

Puja N Pujari houses many temples with different size and affordable price ranging fromRS 2000 to 1 lac.They are available in all sizes and can be bought as per the requirement and spacecoordinates. Our prices are kept variable depending upon the size of the temples (small, medium, large) and we assure to make hassle free delivery at your doorstep without any extra charges.

Online Shopping at Puja N Pujari:

  • Assist our customers in hiring our best in-house pandits and astrologers in almost all major Indian language and traditions followed.
  • Puja N Pujari is an E-Commerce website for online sale of puja related items, which covers a small pack of vermilion and akshat to big idols of Gods and Goddesses.
  • Temple services available in all major Indian temples listed with us.
  • Buy all kind of spiritual products from our online portal.

Delivery & Returns with Puja N Pujari:

We care for our customers by providing them high quality products at an affordable rate along with cash on delivery, free home delivery and easy andaccessible return facilities as their feedback is precious to us which keeps us motivated towards achieving our goal.