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Money Plant Moss Stick Plant

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Plants symbolizes nature, greenery and freshness and they have much importance in one’s life, money plant is one such plant. Its leaves are firm and tight through which it got its names as “money plant”. They are highly auspicious and helps increase your finances and wealth. It also enhances overall development of the house inmates and spreads positivity and happiness everywhere. 


Several money plants are there in market to benefit the interest of the people but the two most significant one’s are:

 • Jade Tree - It is also known as crassula ovata and is most commonly found in homes and offices. They are very easy to handle plants which requires less water and maintenance. These plants are long lived and may be attacked by insects sometimes. These plants are very easy to regrow when sowed in any tumbler and is also called as “friendship plant”. 

 • Pachira Aquatica - These are special money plants with more and more braided trunks and also have foliage leaves. These plants requires some light rays and plenty of water on regular basis. 


 • Always place the money plant in South - East direction. It enables best results and instill wealth and finances around it.. 
 • It should not be kept in North-East direction as it drains out your finances. 
 • Its always better to keep these money plants near the finances with appropriate directions. 


 •Always place it inside the house. 
 •Keep it near entrances and door fronts. - It reduces stress. 
 •Keep it in indirect sunlight.
 •It freshens the air by removing harmful substances.
 •Give it plenty of water on regular basis. 


 •Never cut and throw the dried leaves on floor.
 •Always change the water in it on regular basis.
 •Don’t keep them in bright sun as its leaves dries up causing negative effects. 

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