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Reviews for Popular Krishna Statue

January 24, 2020

Radha Krishna Gold Antique Finish Idol Statue

I bought this product to present a gift for my friend. It so cute that i didn't expect that much good quality product. It was more worth for money.

December 23, 2019

Decorative Radha Krishna Showpiece Idol

It is just beautiful...thank you very much....worth buying...gifted for my friend's wedding

December 17, 2019

Brass Radha Krishna Statue

It was the perfect size for me. Very beautiful idol just loved it. And it came so well packed and was delivered in just 2 days. Awesome one... i loved it

December 6, 2019

Lord Krishna Radha Showpiece Idol

This is very beautiful product and worth. I gifted this to my friend's marriage and he liked it very much. Jai Shri Krishna

November 21, 2019

Decorative Radha Krishna Showpiece Idol

Its really happy..very nice idol. Looking very beautiful. Impressed with the packaging as well. I loved it...Don't miss it to buy...

Buy Krishna Statue Online In India @ Puja N Pujari

Lord Krishna is a Hindu God. Lord Krishna is a Devaki and Vasudeva’s son. His skin color is black and blue. He is the eighth incarnations of Lord Vishnu. He is the supreme god in Hinduism. And he is the savior of the world and he is the one who eliminates the evil forces. He is used to unrealistic ate fresh butter. So purchase these Radha Krishna Murti Online and perform puja for Lord Krishna he will give special blessings. We have more collections of Krishna statue and Idols, Radha Krishna statues and Idols, and baby Krishna statues, These idols are made with premium quality like brass, radium, marble, metal, etc.

Significance of Krishna statue

Lord Krishna is the Supreme God of Hinduism. His presentations are very special, so he identified very easily. He is looking very handsome and he wears yellow cloths, a circlet with a peacock feather in it, with a flute in his hands always he plays that flute. The spiritual god Krishna and cow headers daughter Radha both are very famous lovers in Hinduism. And he is the symbol of joy and happiness. So by worshiping Lord Gopal Murti will get good health, joy, and happiness in their lives. Tulasi is the favorite to him although other flowers like lily, Mandara, Parijatha, Champaka flowers, and lotus are favorite to Lord Krishna. He has several names like Vasudeva, Gopinath, Sri Krishna, Kannayya, Devaki Nanadan, etc. Tulasi tree is a respectful tree it can immediately remove your sinful activities. You will get free from distresses, deceases, by seeing or touching of this tree. And pouring water to the Tulasi tree removes the fear.

Our Versatility

Marble Radha Krishna Statue: Marble Radha Krishna statue is made from marbles. He is the protector of the world. And Goddess Radha is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. These statues can be used in home decor, it looks very beautiful.

Radium Little Krishna: These little Krishna statues are made from radium. It is very good for gifting to someone. Radium glow is giving a glossy look to this little Krishna statue. On our website, we have different sitting positions of little Krishna.

Metal Krishna Antique Golden Sitting Under Tree: Very beautiful Lord Krishna statue made of black metal which gives it an antique look. It gives your home or workspace a classy and elegant appearance. The uniqueness lies in its antique look which makes it more attractive.

Brass Laddu Gopal Krishna Statue: Laddu Gopal is an idol of Lord Krishna depicting his childhood. The idol is meant to be kept as a child and nurture. 

Our Services:

Facilitate our customers in hiring our best in-house pandits and astrologers in almost all major Indian languages and traditions is an E-Commerce website for the online sale of puja related items, which covers a small pack of scarlet and Akshat to big photo frames and idols of gods and goddess, Deepam oil, puja flowers, and torans. Temple services available in all major Indian temples listed with us. Buy all kinds of Puja Items from our online portal.

Delivery & Returns with Puja N Pujari:

We care for our customers by providing them high-quality products at an affordable rate along with cash on delivery, free home delivery, easy and accessible return facilities as our customer's feedback is precious to us which keeps us motivated towards achieving our goal.