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Reviews for Popular Himalayan Salt Lamp

December 1, 2020

Himalayan Rock Salt Crystal Lamp

Great Salt lamp. Really love this, after switching on the light it gives more look to the home.

March 31, 2020

Air Purifier Himalayan Salt Lamp

Tha salt lamp looks very beautiful and creates positive atomsphere in home. They packed the lamp very well to avoid the damage in transport.I always recommend it to my friends and family.

February 13, 2020

Air Purifier Himalayan Salt Lamp

It's a best quality lamp with safe packing.It's looking amazing in my living room.I placed this in my sleeping roam to get better sleep and positive energey.

Vyash Pandey
February 7, 2020

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt Lamp

It is a beautiful lamp. We kept in bedroom, its looking awesome and got positive atmosphere in my home.I received it in good condition. on time delivery.

Veena jairm
January 31, 2020

Air Purifier Himalayan Salt Lamp

It's a good quality himalaya salt lamp with safe packing. It looks amazing in my home. I recommend it to my family members and other dear ones and finally value for money worth purchase.

January 28, 2020

Natural Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp

I received the product today. It is a beautiful lamp, i use it on my bedside. when i received it, the bulb wasn't placed appropriately. I called and told to manufacturer about the bulb issue. He sent extra bulbs immediately. I was impressed. I would highly recommend and also its a beautiful gift too.

December 26, 2019

Air Purifier Himalayan Salt Lamp

Very nice product, and is perfect for gifting purpose. Reasonable price.

Buy Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp Online @Puja N Pujari

At Puja N Pujari you get the best quality Himalayan crystal lamp and this lamp made up of Himalayan crystal salt, and we have it in different shapes and colors online at the lowest price. This Himalayan rock salt lamp comes from the Himalayas and this lamp is in pink and sharp white color. This crystal lamp is also suitable for decorative lighting & home decor. The crystal emits negative ions while lighting. When lighting a salt lamp, it gives relaxation mood meanwhile, it reduces allergies from your body. The types of Himalayan salt lamp treats many physical problems in a natural way.

Significance of Himalayan salt lamp

The true Himalayan salt lamp made from the Himalayan salt crystal. The Himalayan crystal salt lamp has mineral contains by the reason during the lighting that will produce a dim pink color.

Himalayan salt gives health benefits as per fact. It creates negative ions, this salt lamp purifies the air. It repairs breath problems, skin allergy, as well as it provides a good sleepy feel. While lighting the salt lamp it gives dim and it generates relaxation mood.

Benefit of the salt lamp:

When you install this salt lamp it brings many lucky and good things in your life. It removes some health issues of Asthma, allergy, etc, this salt lamp starts to purify the air. It brings negative ions for rescue from the physical issue.

1. It neutralized electromagnetic radiation, this radiation produce fatigue, and mental stress. It affects our immune system.

2. This lamp repairs breath problems and cleans the lung's system.

3. When you install the salt lamp it purifies the air from all indoor circumstances of the house.

4. When lighting the lamp it produces negative ions product against air germ. Yet, it can prevent Cough, sneeze, and cold also it generates good blood flow to your body.

5. Negative ions come from the crystal salt lamp. This type of ion increases a human body's energy level and mental concentration power.

6. It gives plenty of environment.

Purpose of the lamp:  

The Himalayan crystal salt lamp has a glorious bulb located inside. which produces dim power and it generates pleasurable and peaceful moments. The Himalayan salt lamp can use as a decorative item including lighting arrangement. It is optional for indoor home, and table decor purposes. It is the best optional for offering a gift to others. The best gift choice for weddings, birthday, housewarming and Diwali.

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