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Reviews for Popular crystal-diyas

Senthil kumar
June 4, 2019

Crystal Akhand Diya Oil Puja Lamp Golden - Small

I ordered this crystal akhand diya lamp in the last week. very nice, crystals are placed which gives shining when the lamp is lighted. Diyas cost is also reasonable. The cotton wicks lighted give more lighting than other diyas as it is centered.

June 6, 2019

Akhand Diya Decorative Brass Oval Shaped Crystal Oil Lamp

This is very attractive, I bought this item from puja n pujari. Very attractive. This item is to lit the diyas and it will be like shelter from air.......product is brass and look like gold.

June 7, 2019

Brass Lotus Shape Crystal Diya Deep Akhand Jyoti Oil Lamp

This diya is very specially designed and can give elegant lightening of 100 diyas at a time. Very nice I bought this product recently from puja n pujari , they have a good collection of diyas and more varieties of products in their online shopping. Excellent product with fast delivery.

Buy Crystal Diyas Online @Puja N Pujari:

Diyas or deepams are symbolism of light which illuminates the divine area with its positivity and happiness. Previously clay diyas were used to enlighten the spiritual light but with changing times these clay diyas are replaced with brass, copper, ceramic and many beautiful handcrafted ones. Along with others the most beautiful and elegant are the diyas made up of brass and crystals. This handcrafted brass diyas are fixed with lots of crystals giving them a dazzling effect. The yellowish glow of brass along with the silverish shine of crystals makes it a class apart product. 

Puja N Pujari is a provider of all spiritual materials through our online portal, takes the responsibility to serve the best to our customer base. We gathered top rated products for your convenience within a single click. Buy this unique decorative diyas and lamps available with us in various designs and patterns and enlighten them to make your divine area pure and sacred.

Significance of Brass and Crystal Diyas: 

  • Brass in its purest form spreads positive vibes and cotton wick burns our bad karmas in the form of oil. 
  • Crystals are an abundant source of healing power and provide happiness, health, and prosperity to the residents.
  • A combination of both brass and crystal in one single diya enlightens one’s fate with a bright future, well being and opulence. 

Our Versatility:    

Akhand Diyas: Akhand diyas are made up of brass made thick base and the wick is protected from a sheet of brass structure. This brass covering is fitted with high quality crystals that provide glow as well as maintains the temperature of the diya to prevent it from overheating.  

Hand Crafted Diyas: Handcrafted diyas are made and designed from the bare hands of our highly professional and talented artisans.

Puja N Pujari houses a wide variety of elegant and beautiful diyas in all sizes. Buy them as per your preferences for all traditional occasions as well as home decor purposes. They come with stands and fixed base and is also easy to place it anywhere in the house, shop or offices. 

Online Shopping at Puja N Pujari:

Puja N Pujari is a Bangalore based firm dedicatedly working towards providing all kinds of spiritual help to our customers. 

Our services: 

  • Assist our customers in hiring our best in-house pandits and astrologers in almost all major Indian language and traditions followed.
  • Puja N Pujari is an E-Commerce website for online sale of puja related items, which covers a small pack of vermilion and akshat to big idols of Gods and Goddesses. 
  • Temple services available in all major Indian temples listed with us. 
  • Buy all kinds of spiritual products from our online portal.

Delivery & Returns with Puja N Pujari: 

We care for our customers by providing them high quality products at an affordable rate along with cash on delivery, free home delivery, and easy and accessible return facilities as their feedback is precious to us which keeps us motivated towards achieving our goal.