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Namakarana is a Sanskrit which means naming the newborn baby on an auspicious day on new moon day or full moon day. The parents pronounce the name close with a baby ear to confirm the Name. In a lifetime, the only thing that remains unchanged is the name, the basic identity of an individual. Namakarana is an auspicious occasion where an elder member in the family tags the infant with a name for the first time in the presence of Deity.

As well as the name should be an odd number of letters for girls and even numbers for boys. And the naming ritual celebrates, on the 12th day of birth of the baby meanwhile, the baby wore new jewel, clothes and other ornaments.

Religious Significance of Namakarana Ceremony

  1. For the total well being of the baby in terms of health and growth in life.
  2. Performed as the fame that name is going to grab in the future due to one's success and talent.
  3. Naming a child is the first thing, all family members do on the arrival of a new baby which is quite funny and exciting too and to celebrate this happiness “Naming ceremony” is performed. It is a small function with close relatives to celebrate the birth of a new baby and give it a name through which it will shine in this world.
  4. Namakaranam must be celebrated for all the babies to recognize with name and to get fame. It is a verified tool of the person, and the name must depend on the birth time of Nakshatra.

When Naming Ceremony Can be performed

It can be performed on the 12th day of a newborn baby, with full moon day or new moon day based on birth time, Sign, Star and day.

Namakaranam Ceremony FAQ'S

What is meant by Namakaranam?
Namakaranam is a naming ceremony for the newborn baby.

When Namakaranam can be performed?
This naming ritual celebrated on the 11th day from the baby birth and the name chosen based on the baby birth star meanwhile, ritual can be performed on an auspicious day.

Is the Namakaranam ceremony mandatory to celebrate?
Yes, but this ritual celebration is based on some community or religion.

Why name should be in odd numbers?
Traditionally. The Hinduism believes odd numerous syllable name consider as auspicious. Because odd should get in continue.

Why offer a gold gift to the baby?
The paternal grandparents bliss the baby and offer some gold ornament.

Namakaranam is the Sanskrit word which means naming ritual for newborn babies on an auspicious day. This ritual has to follow puja/ Homa with the procedure.

The purohit selects the Name, first letter, odd character name depending on baby birth Star, Zodiac sign, Tithi and Time. In front of the parents, purohit chooses the name then the name is called by the baby father for three times. The naming ritual involves both maternal and paternal. 

Sankalpam( The Testimony of The Vedic Vidhi)

The word Sankalpam indicates the Vedic astrology of Panchang, place, time, day, Tithi, Nakshatra, Yogam, and Karanam. These are recited to the three trinities of Bhrama, Vishnu, and Shiva. The Vedic Vidhi recites for the current Vedic year and the Vedic name of the subcontinent and other significant elements. At the end of the Sankalpa needs family members Name, Gotra, Zodiac sign, Birth star to recite as a part of the puja and to get the blessings from the Lord Maha Ganapati, Navagrahas, family deity (kula devata), Grama devata and Ishta devata (favorite god one’s choice). So the first procedure is to invoke blessings from the deity.

Ganapati Puja

The Ganapati puja is considered as an auspicious for all the ceremonies while starting the puja. By doing Ganapathi puja, you will get free from obstacles, hurdles in life. It acquires materialistic, spirituality in life.

Punya Vachanam

The word Punya Vachanam gives clarity of the clean ritual by invoking the blessings from the Lord Varuna (the lord of water) along with sacred rivers of the country namely Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati, Narmada, Sindhu, and Cavery. The tirtha mantras are recited where the Punya Vachanam is performed, and their all the five elements are,

Jal - water
Vayu - air
Prithvi - earth
Agni - fire
Akasha - sky or space

By the chanting of Vedic mantras related to Lord Varuna, the place will be purified, where the positive energy is being retained in the pot and Punyavachana can be performed. 

Navagraha Puja

Navagrahas are nine planets and each planet governs a specific element (five elements) in the life cycle, so the certain specified planetary combinations in the horoscope give both malefic effects and good effects.

The beneficial effects are taken into consideration of the particular planet individually and also in their combination, generally to rectify or to neutralize the evil effect of the planets. During Navagraha puja chanting of mantras is replaced continuously.

To remove the malefic effects of the planets this Navagraha puja can be performed. During this puja one will get blessings from Adidevata (subordinate lord of the planet), ‘Prathana Devata’ (main deity of the planet).

Sri Rudra Maha-mantra puja

Sri Rudra maha-mantra Japa is the most powerful Japa, performed to suppress the evil or bad effects of the planets lord Shanieswara, lord Ketu, etc. It is also done during chronological and biological disturbance due to planets effects,

1. deadly disease

2. Hazards due to health factors

By doing this Japa, one will get free from planetary bad effects.

Nakshatra puja

There are twelve (12) zodiac signs in which the twenty-seven (27) stars are present. The stars in which malefic planets are present and combine with their enemy planets as per once assent or Lagna of the person. These stars have Adidevata and Pradhana devata. To the particular Graha, the remedy is performed same as Navagraha Japa. Similarly, these 27 stars also have a specified number of Japa and yantras.

This puja completely depends on the baby birth Nakshatra and makes the puja for the baby to protect from illness, evil effect and malefic issue. The purohit has to perform ritual or Homam at home or temple.

Kula devata

The Kuladevata give blessings to the birth baby and family. The ritual should be performed on any auspicious day.

Maha Mangal Aarti

The Astavedha Seva is done along with the Vedic chants. The camphor Aarti, flowers, and akshatha is offered after the completion of the puja.

  • We celebrate the naming ceremony and vratam at my home and Purohit did it very well. Everything happened on time and decent. Many thanks to Pandit Seshu Swamy

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • We are pleased with the services of the PujaNpujari Team and especially Kalyan Ji. He decorated the pooja place very well and did the full pooja with a lot of dedication and patience.  

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • We have booked the priest for my baby girl; pujari performed some homam at home. Puja procedure performed in Telugu tradition, we are happy with the puja.

    Puja performance rating

    4.5 / 5
  • With the suggestion of the pandit as the Namakaran to the baby boy has to be done within the 15 days of baby birth by choosing the good time. We attended puja at home in a traditional way, with very much satisfaction to have online purohit and services. Thank you pujari for your fabulous services.

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • We book a pandit for namakaram pooja in Bangalore.We don't know excatly what are materials require for ceremony.They only arrange the all materials one day before and provide haslee free service. Pujari was very humble and explain the all mantras with meaning. Thank u very much for your valuable service.

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • According to our culture On the 11th of baby birth we have to have to name the baby. Generally everyone celebrate this as "Naming Cermony". We book purohit to perform puja on this occasion. The purohit performed the puja very well and bless our kid a long life. Over all the event happened very well. Thanks to team puja n pujari

    Puja performance rating

    4.5 / 5
  • I booked pandit for naming ceremony in Puja N Pujari. They sent pooja materials also one day before.It's amazing service and good experience like our traditional style..

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • I have booked purohit to perform namakaranam puja at our house during naming ceremony. Puja N Pujari provide services at a competitive price. I would definitely recommend their team of purohits for you puja needs.

    Puja performance rating

    4.5 / 5
  • I booked pandit for naming ceremony in Puja N Pujari. They sent pooja materials also one day before.It's amazing service and good experience like our traditional style..

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • We have engaged for Naming ceremony including Puja materials and we are really happy for service & response from the entire team .... Special thanks to purohit Sheshu garu....

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • Punctual , prompt and professional service. Mr Sesu pujari did a Namakaranam ceremony very well. Thank you for your services

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
  • Puja n Pujari guys are truly pro in their pandits services, even my elder brother was impressed by their services. They decorated the pooja place very well and did the namakaranam cermony very well. Hassle free services.

    Puja performance rating

    5 / 5
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