Sumangali Pooja

Sumangali Pooja

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The Sumangali Puja is conducted to receive blessings of ancestral ladies considered to be Sumangalis. Ladies who lived a prosperous life with their husbands and died before them are called Sumangalis. This pooja is known to enhance good fortune and ensure familial bliss.

Religious Significance of Sumangali Pooja
  • Married women of family do this pooja to have good fortune like the Sumangalis
  • Sumangali Pooja is also performed to manifest gratitude to the Sumangalis after pending auspicious occasions take place at home
When can the Sumangali Pooja be Performed?
  • The date and time of Sumangali Pooja is fixed in accordance with the janma nakshatra or birth star of the worshipper.
Advantages of Performing Sumangali Pooja
  • Offers marital bliss and restores prosperity in household
  • Gives satisfaction to departed souls equal to the fulfilment of their mortal desires when they were alive
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Procedure for Sumangali Pooja:
• Ganapathi Pooja
Punyaha Vachanam, Maha Sankalpam
• Kalasha Pooja
• Sumangali Pooja
• Prasad Distribution

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