Shukra Graha Japa

Shukra Graha Japa

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Shukra Graha is the ruling planet of governing aspects of our life such as beauty, love, marriage and sex life. Through the Shukra Graha Japa one can impress and please the Shukra Devaru gaining his favour and leading a prosperous life.

Religious Significance of the Shukra Graha Japa
  • Shukra Graha is responsible for enabling a person enjoy all the worldly comforts
  • If this Graha is unfavorably positioned in a horoscope then attaining material wealth would become difficult. The Shukra Graha Japa removes such adversities
When Can the Shukra Graha Japa be Performed?
  • Fridays or any other auspicious date according to your birth chart is suitable for this japa.
Advantages of Performing the Shukra Graha Japa
  • Improves conjugal relationships
  • Offers financial gain and luxuries
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Procedure involved:
• Ganapathi Pooja
• Punyaha Vachanam, Maha Sankalpam
• Kalasa Pooja
• Shukra graha Japa parayanam
• Prasad Distribution

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