Santana Gopala Homa

Santana Gopala Homa

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Santana Gopala Homa is conducted as an ode to infant Gopala in for gaining his blessing and shield of protection during pregnancy and delivery of a child. Deriving the blessing of Lord Santana Gopala is also believed to endow the child with various qualities like intelligence and gentleness.

When can the Santana Gopala Homa be performed?
  • This homa can be performed on any Wednesdays or Thursdays. It can also be conducted during other auspicious hours, as per your Pandit’s suggestion.
Religious Significance of Santana Gopala Homa
  • Helps couples to conceive and counteracts any karmic hindrances or Doshas
  • Rectifies feminine fertility issues
Advantages of Performing the Santana Gopala Homa
  • Corrects negative impact of planets in the horoscope of the mother that’s preventing her from conceiving
  • Reduces the risks of miscarriage and other potential threats to the child’s health or any complications from arising at the time of childbirth
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Procedure involved:

• Ganapathi Pooja

• Punyaha Vachanam, Maha Sankalpam

• Kalasha Pooja

• Santana Gopala Homa (Japa & Aavarti)

• Poornahuti & Prasad Distribution

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Hindi, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu


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