Rudrabhishekam Pooja

Rudrabhishekam Pooja

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Rudrabhishekam Pooja is done to appease the Shiva Devaru. This auspicious pooja was first conducted by Lord Rama at Rameswaram.

Religious Significance of Rudrabhishekam Pooja
  • Lord Rama performed this pooja after the battle with Ravana to get rid of sins and leading a peaceful family life
  • It is believed that this puja can help you gain Shiva Devaru’s blessing like Rama, removing all negativity from your surrounding
When Can the Rudrabhishekam Pooja be Performed?
  • Mondays in the months of Shravan and Kartika are most well suited for this pooja. Consult your pandit for other auspicious dates according to your janma nakshatra.
Advantages of the Rudrabhishekam Pooja
  • Harmful astrological consequences of Punarvasu, Pushyami and Ashlesa Nakshatra and the Moon are evaded
  • Prolongs lifespan of worshipper by preventing diseases
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Procedure for Rudhrabhishekam:
Ganapathi Pooja
• Punyaha Vachanam, Maha Sankalpam
• Kalasha Pooja
• Rudhra paarayana
• Rudrabhishekam

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