Ayyappa Swamy Pooja

Ayyappa Swamy Pooja

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Ayyappa Swamy is the son born out of Lord Shiva’s union with Vishnu Devaru’s female form Mohini. He was created to defeat evil and establish Dharma. The Ayyappa Swamy Pooja is performed for invoking the blessings of lord Ayyappa who is the perpetrator of growth and protector of dharma. Worshipping this deity is believed to remove all evils from life. This pooja has to be followed by bhajan and kirthans.

Religious Significance of Ayyappa Swamy Pooja
  • Worshipping this deity is believed to remove all evils from life
  • Worshipping Ayyappa Swamy bestows his blessings removing problems, illness and negativity
When Can the Ayyappa Swamy Pooja be Performed?
  • The best time to conduct Ayyappa Swamy Pooja is during the months of December and January. A date can be fixed with assistance from your pundit.
Advantages of Performing the Ayyappa Pooja
  • Removes Shani graha Dosha from the horoscope
  • Protects devotees from harmful influences
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