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Daily Horoscope

Horoscope Questions & Answers

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Recently Customer Asked Questions

Recently I am going through jobless time, can you tell me the good time for me. My birth date is 09/06/1982, Time- 07:15 am, day- Wednesday. Zodiac sign- Sagittarius.
21/12/2020,Swapnil Patil

According to your shared DOB details, Solution to get the best job, do the Lord Shani pashupatha Japa

By Puja N Pujari Team
How is the period for Kanya Rashi now .

Generally good, the effects will depends on the the individual  horoscope.

By Puja N Pujari Team
I had sick till 6 months plz tell me when my health will be fine plz tell me date or month plzz

Kindly do the Dhanvantri  pooja, which will help to recover your health very quickly.

By Puja N Pujari Team
Please tell me auspicious days to start house construction work in November month (Capricorn sign)
29/10/2020,Lokesh K N

It will depend on your personal horoscope

By Puja N Pujari Team
Hi, of late I have been very depressed due to mothers health, husband's non cooperative behaviour n my life problems. Pls help me let me know when wil things get better for all of us thanks
  • Pray to your family  deity
  • Offer your pending  offerings  to go do this in as soon as possible 

By Puja N Pujari Team
When I will get married my dob is 18.3.1993 n timng 3.30 am
11/10/2020,Jaya s

As per your Janma Nakshtra, you will get marry After October 2021

By Puja N Pujari Team
I want to know about my horoscope, I have Sun in the 8th house and ruling lord in my chart is Mercury. Can you please suggest me about my future.

It depends on your personal horoscope

By Puja N Pujari Team
Can anyone help me interpret my 7th house ? I’m a bit confused on how these energies are suppose to work ... Moon & Uranus ( both are in Aquarius) sit in this house Capricorn in 7th house in Uranus & Moon

The 7th house is the house of partnerships. Also known as the Decendent and will always be in the opposite sign as your Ascsendant (Rising). Your Rising is Leo than it would be safe to have your decendent is in Aquarius. Because Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs.

By Puja N Pujari Team
I have 2 or 4 yods: Neptune - Saturn - Chiron and Neptune - Pluto - Chiron are the 2 ones for sure. If we include aspects with Vertex then I have 2 more: Vertex - MC - Mars and Vertex - MC - Lilith. Does Vertex count??

Golden Yod is more harmonious like the Grand Trine pattern. So it usually never tapped into unless there are other stressors to make a person go looking for it as a creative outlet to channel stress or painfull experiences but it holds great power for either positive or negative outcomes once activated.

By Puja N Pujari Team
I need to ask about my marriage.. A lots of stress n hard work done by my parents & relatives but no proper conversation set up getting done dor my marriage
01/10/2020,Deepak R Jain

According to the shared date and time. Your Zoadic Sign makra  rasi


By Puja N Pujari Team

Scorpio(Vrishchik Rashi)

Scorpio is the eighth zodiac sign among the 12. They take it upon themselves to learn about others. They do not beat around the bush and are straight talkers, which will sound rude.
The Scorpios find it challenging to see the world gray. They love probing and investigating incidents to uncover the truth since they see it either black or white. At such times their intuition helps.

So an intuitive Scorpio is of more help as a friend than as a foe.

Scorpio Quick Facts

  • Sanskrit Name: Vrischika
  • Cancer Dates: October 23 – November 21
  • Symbol: The Scorpion
  • Ruling Planet: Mars & Pluto
  • House: Eighth
  • Colors:Red & Black
  • Tarot Card: Death
  • Element+ Polarity: Water + Negative
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Days: Tuesday
  • Flowers: Hibiscus, Geraniums
  • Lucky Gem: Topaz and Opal
  • Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aries, Sagittarius
  • Lucky Numbers :8, 11, 18, 22

Scorpio Characteristics

The Scorpio season starts on October 23, beginning in the middle of the fall. The zodiac holds the elemental energy of endurance. Scorpio's "fixed" quality makes them tenacious and obsessive.
  • The water element associated with Scorpios connects all forms of nature. It makes the Scorpios adaptive and easily blend into their surroundings.
  • A Scorpio is creative, intuitive, and has a powerful imagination. All these are attributed again to the water element.
  • Their personality is as mysterious as the season of Autumn itself. Scorpio's power-wielding nature is also a gift from the season.

Scorpio Personality

Scorpio likes: Being in command, Knowing truth, facts, spending quality time with friends, and living a life filled with passion
Scorpio dislikes: passive people, giving up on dreams, and dishonesty.
Libra's personality is because of yang qualities. They are blessed with leadership and social initiation qualities. Gathering people for just causes comes naturally to this zodiac.
They are skillful negotiators and are quick to find their way out of sticky situations. They forgive and forget and are eager to iron out the difference so that everyone can go back to enjoying their lives to the fullest.

Positive Traits:

  • Scorpio's are primarily devoted, observant, and determined..
  • Scorpio's are dedicated and work hard to achieve their life's goals.
  • Often artistic, a Scorpio is deeply committed and excel in the field of research.
  • The Scorpion is fearless of dark and secrets that lie hidden in them. They like exploring the unknown.
  • Empathy and compassion is something that this zodiac has in plenty. They are also sensitive to their and the feelings of their loved ones.
  • People with Scorpio as their ascendant sign make them the champion of the oppressed.
  • They can understand trauma and put in other persons' shoes, hence helping them overcome their trust issues.

Negative Traits

  • Though they are flexible, once an idea gets stuck with them, they cannot let it go.
  • Scorpios are a suspecting lot and are slow to trust people.
  • People with the zodiac sign often feel insecure. To secure others' love and attention, they will use people's secrets to manipulate their feelings.
  • They are - "never forget and never forgive" people. So if someone betrays them, then they should be ready for that awful sting.
  • They are possessive about their partners.
  • At times, Scorpios can also be deemed as pessimistic as people.
  • Since the moon's influence is dominant on this zodiac sign, Scorpios often come across as moody.

Scorpio Compatibility

Though the planets in both horoscopes determine exact compatibility, we can give our readers a general insight. Scorpio blends best with water and earth signs and finds having relationships with fire and air signs challenging.

Most Compatibility Signs

  • With both Cancer and Scorpio signs being sensitive and lovers of solitude, the chances of having a fantastic relationship are always high.
  • Virgo will love Scorpio’s attention to detail. They enjoy collaborating with each other on their varied interest and keep each other on their toes.
  • Capricorn and Scorpio know well to maintain their boundaries, giving each other the required space without intimidating each other.
  • Pisces and Scorpio share a relationship filled with creativity and intuition.

Least compatibility

  • Leo and Scorpio both are stubborn and can quickly get jealous, so a relationship between them is not ideal.
  • Scorpio and Aquarius love debating and can adamantly stick to their viewpoints. The debate always escalates to arguments quickly, making the relationship a little challenging to succeed.

Scorpio Women

A Scorpio woman is beautiful. She can make heads turn just by her commanding presence in the room. She is intuitive, passionate, and self-confident. Though her moods can be complicated and erratic, she is one of the most sensitive of zodiacs.
Her first instinct is distrust when she meets a person for the first time. One has to work hard to gain her trust. A Scorpio woman is a visionary and is determined not to let anything come in her way of achieving the goals.

Scorpio Man

Scorpio man is Intense. He is loyal, dedicated, and very passionate about his goals and life partner. Driven by self-confidence, he has a reservoir of energy when setting the path straight to achieve his goals.
Though a Scorpio man's mind is brimming with thoughts, he always puts on a blank face to show he is in control of the situation. He fights for his dreams and loved ones and never tires of doing so. Similar to Scorpio Woman, gaining a Scorpio man's trust is difficult. But once you get it, he is a friend for life.
If you are a Scorpio, then subscribe to our blogs today. You will not only receive your Scorpios Daily horoscope; you can also get personalized horoscopes and know what lies hidden in a Scorpios's Love horoscope. Know your life - for understanding yourself is the key to redefine your bright future.