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Daily Horoscope

Horoscope Questions & Answers

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Recently Customer Asked Questions

Recently I am going through jobless time, can you tell me the good time for me. My birth date is 09/06/1982, Time- 07:15 am, day- Wednesday. Zodiac sign- Sagittarius.
21/12/2020,Swapnil Patil

According to your shared DOB details, Solution to get the best job, do the Lord Shani pashupatha Japa

By Puja N Pujari Team
How is the period for Kanya Rashi now .

Generally good, the effects will depends on the the individual  horoscope.

By Puja N Pujari Team
I had sick till 6 months plz tell me when my health will be fine plz tell me date or month plzz

Kindly do the Dhanvantri  pooja, which will help to recover your health very quickly.

By Puja N Pujari Team
Please tell me auspicious days to start house construction work in November month (Capricorn sign)
29/10/2020,Lokesh K N

It will depend on your personal horoscope

By Puja N Pujari Team
Hi, of late I have been very depressed due to mothers health, husband's non cooperative behaviour n my life problems. Pls help me let me know when wil things get better for all of us thanks
  • Pray to your family  deity
  • Offer your pending  offerings  to go do this in as soon as possible 

By Puja N Pujari Team
When I will get married my dob is 18.3.1993 n timng 3.30 am
11/10/2020,Jaya s

As per your Janma Nakshtra, you will get marry After October 2021

By Puja N Pujari Team
I want to know about my horoscope, I have Sun in the 8th house and ruling lord in my chart is Mercury. Can you please suggest me about my future.

It depends on your personal horoscope

By Puja N Pujari Team
Can anyone help me interpret my 7th house ? I’m a bit confused on how these energies are suppose to work ... Moon & Uranus ( both are in Aquarius) sit in this house Capricorn in 7th house in Uranus & Moon

The 7th house is the house of partnerships. Also known as the Decendent and will always be in the opposite sign as your Ascsendant (Rising). Your Rising is Leo than it would be safe to have your decendent is in Aquarius. Because Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs.

By Puja N Pujari Team
I have 2 or 4 yods: Neptune - Saturn - Chiron and Neptune - Pluto - Chiron are the 2 ones for sure. If we include aspects with Vertex then I have 2 more: Vertex - MC - Mars and Vertex - MC - Lilith. Does Vertex count??

Golden Yod is more harmonious like the Grand Trine pattern. So it usually never tapped into unless there are other stressors to make a person go looking for it as a creative outlet to channel stress or painfull experiences but it holds great power for either positive or negative outcomes once activated.

By Puja N Pujari Team
I need to ask about my marriage.. A lots of stress n hard work done by my parents & relatives but no proper conversation set up getting done dor my marriage
01/10/2020,Deepak R Jain

According to the shared date and time. Your Zoadic Sign makra  rasi


By Puja N Pujari Team

Pisces (Meen Rashi)

Represented by two fishes, Pisces are selfless beings. They help others without expecting anything in return.
As the last of the zodiacs, the natives of the zodiac are empathetic people. They are sensitive, emotional, and get along with people well. They can understand feeling so well that they can be close to psychics. They are also smart, creative, and intuitive.

Pisces Quick Facts

  • Sanskrit Name: Meena
  • Cancer Dates:February 19 – March 20
  • Symbol: The Two Fishes
  • Ruling Planet:Jupiter and Neptune
  • House: Twelfth
  • Colors:Purple and White
  • Tarot Card: The Moon
  • Element+ Polarity: Water + Negative
  • Quality: Mutable
  • Day: Thursday
  • Flowers: Waterlily
  • Lucky Gem: Moonstone
  • Greatest Overall Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn
  • Lucky Numbers :3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24

Pisces Characteristics

Pisces are intuitive and have more artistic than they disclose. They are the most generous, faithful, and caring of all the zodiacs.
The season of Pisces starts on February 19, marking the beginning of a new season of hope, as the winter tides over. It is clear in their creative ways of doing things. The Pisces is fluid and their adapting qualities make them good at learning on the go.
Pisces inter-relational talents come from their affinity to the water element. They incubate and bloom like plants sowed in the earth when watered.

Pisces Personality

Pisces derive their personality from their yin qualities. The fishes bring in healing energy to the relationships.
Pisces enjoys being alone, romance, sleeping, music, swimming, and spirituality. Pisces dislikes know-it-all people, criticism, dreaded memories of past and cruelty.

Positive Traits:

  • The Pisces' core is that they are compassionate, artistic, intuitive, gentle, and wise.
  • They can offer healing and support to everyone who relies on their help.
  • They nurture relationships and are honest and faithful partners.
  • They retain a sense of innocence throughout their lives.
  • They adapt quickly to ideas. Once they feel stuck at a place, they find something new to do, and they move on.
  • They are old souls who believe the world works the way it works for a reason. So, they find it easy to make peace with their existence, and they also find it easy to forgive people.
  • They are creative and romantic. They believe in giving and sharing to make their lives better.
  • They do not judge people and willingly accept them for what they are.
  • Communicating their feelings comes easily to the native of Pisces zodiac.

Negative Traits

  • They trust people blindly and often place their trust in the wrong people.
  • The natives of the zodiac evade reality and tend to live in their imaginary world.
  • While they can communicate easily, they are equally defensive when it comes to protecting their feelings.
  • The two fishes make the people born under the zodiac over thinkers. They have a lot going on in their heads, though they appear calm on the surface.
  • Pisces are vulnerable to feelings and easily get attracted to toxic energies. Hence, they should take care when coming into contact with strangers.
  • They are not the best time-keepers in the world. They often lose track of time while they get involved in their head or nurture their artistic abilities.
  • They like things simple. Complicated procedures are often lost on the Pisces, making them anxious and jittery.

Pisces Compatibility

The Piscean love horoscope is mystic. Generally, Pisces natives blend best with water and earth signs. They find relationships with fire and air signs challenging.

Most Compatibility Signs

  • Taurus and Pisces make a lovely couple. They complement and support each other while nourishing their bodies and minds at the same.
  • Cancer and Pisces make a good team and have similar goals when converting a house to a home.
  • The paring of Scorpio and Pisces is entirely intuitive. Their love for worldly working and mysteries that surrounds in the intricate details will bless the relationship.
  • Capricorn helps Pisces materialize their dreamy world. They keep the two fishes on the ground - um in water.

Least compatibility

  • The natives of Pisces and Gemini have little in common to get their relationship to work. Finding a mid-ground will always prove difficult for both.
  • Sagittarius and Pisces are opposite poles. While Sagittarius loves being free, Pisces feels comfortable at home. They will tend to have frictions in ascertaining how to spend their lives best.

Pisces Women

Pisces Women are mysterious, intuitive, sensitive, romantic, and spiritual. They escape into their dreamy world, oblivious to the working of the actual world. The native of this zodiac sign can be easily hurt. They continually seek love and security from their partners and become deeply involved in the relationships.
Giving up on the relationship they have nurtured for so long is a terrible idea. It will also show their quick temper and sarcastic nature. The most surprising characteristic of a Piscean woman is her endless inner strength in times of need.

Pisces Man

A Pisces man is caring and gentle. One thing their partners can be sure of is, they can have an emotionally fulfilling relationship with a Piscean man. The natives of the zodiac love expanding their social circles to include creative people into their friend's circle. They are always scared of hurting others. Hence, one can find their guard is forever up. They often find getting away from conflicts easier than facing it head-on.
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