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Daily Horoscope

Horoscope Questions & Answers

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Recently Customer Asked Questions

Recently I am going through jobless time, can you tell me the good time for me. My birth date is 09/06/1982, Time- 07:15 am, day- Wednesday. Zodiac sign- Sagittarius.
21/12/2020,Swapnil Patil

According to your shared DOB details, Solution to get the best job, do the Lord Shani pashupatha Japa

By Puja N Pujari Team
How is the period for Kanya Rashi now .

Generally good, the effects will depends on the the individual  horoscope.

By Puja N Pujari Team
I had sick till 6 months plz tell me when my health will be fine plz tell me date or month plzz

Kindly do the Dhanvantri  pooja, which will help to recover your health very quickly.

By Puja N Pujari Team
Please tell me auspicious days to start house construction work in November month (Capricorn sign)
29/10/2020,Lokesh K N

It will depend on your personal horoscope

By Puja N Pujari Team
Hi, of late I have been very depressed due to mothers health, husband's non cooperative behaviour n my life problems. Pls help me let me know when wil things get better for all of us thanks
  • Pray to your family  deity
  • Offer your pending  offerings  to go do this in as soon as possible 

By Puja N Pujari Team
When I will get married my dob is 18.3.1993 n timng 3.30 am
11/10/2020,Jaya s

As per your Janma Nakshtra, you will get marry After October 2021

By Puja N Pujari Team
I want to know about my horoscope, I have Sun in the 8th house and ruling lord in my chart is Mercury. Can you please suggest me about my future.

It depends on your personal horoscope

By Puja N Pujari Team
Can anyone help me interpret my 7th house ? I’m a bit confused on how these energies are suppose to work ... Moon & Uranus ( both are in Aquarius) sit in this house Capricorn in 7th house in Uranus & Moon

The 7th house is the house of partnerships. Also known as the Decendent and will always be in the opposite sign as your Ascsendant (Rising). Your Rising is Leo than it would be safe to have your decendent is in Aquarius. Because Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs.

By Puja N Pujari Team
I have 2 or 4 yods: Neptune - Saturn - Chiron and Neptune - Pluto - Chiron are the 2 ones for sure. If we include aspects with Vertex then I have 2 more: Vertex - MC - Mars and Vertex - MC - Lilith. Does Vertex count??

Golden Yod is more harmonious like the Grand Trine pattern. So it usually never tapped into unless there are other stressors to make a person go looking for it as a creative outlet to channel stress or painfull experiences but it holds great power for either positive or negative outcomes once activated.

By Puja N Pujari Team
I need to ask about my marriage.. A lots of stress n hard work done by my parents & relatives but no proper conversation set up getting done dor my marriage
01/10/2020,Deepak R Jain

According to the shared date and time. Your Zoadic Sign makra  rasi


By Puja N Pujari Team

Aquarius (Kumbh Rashi)

The Aquarius season usually starts on January 21. People born under this sun sign are intellectuals and visionaries, possessing a powerful sense of equality and justice. An intellectual conversation stimulates them. Though they may appear cold and aloof, it's just a facade until they learn to trust and let their guard down.
Every Aquarian is unique. A standard set of personality traits can define the group, and that's what sets apart the water bearers from other signs

Aquarius Quick Facts

  • Sanskrit Name: Kumbha
  • Cancer Dates:January 21 - February 18
  • Symbol: The Water Bearerhe
  • Ruling Planet: Uranus and Saturn
  • House: Eleventh
  • Colors:Sky Blue, Silver
  • Tarot Card: The Star
  • Element+ Polarity: Air + Positive
  • Quality: Fixed
  • Day: Saturday
  • Flowers: Orchid
  • Lucky Gem: Amethyst
  • Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aries,Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius
  • Lucky Numbers :4, 7, 11, 22, 29

Aquarius Characteristics

The mid of winter solstice in the northern hemisphere marks the beginning of the Aquarius season. The season reflects in their demeanor when you meet them for the very first time. Getting past their walls and earning their trust feels similar to moving mountains. But well after that, you have your reward. If Aquarians find you compatible, then you have won an amazing partner and friend for life.
Being last of the group, Aquarians derive their stubborn quality from their "fixed" mode. Adding on, it also makes them tenacious and immovable from their ideas.The water bearers derive their intellectual skills, a keen sense of focus, and innovative skills from their affinity to the "air" element.

Aquarius Personality

Even with their aloof personality, Aquarians have an attractive and winsome personality. They are not effective communicators when it comes to conveying their feelings. They know many people, but trust only a handful of them.
The water bearers love their freedom and independent lifestyle so much that they can be rebellious if they sense a threat to the same. Working towards the greater good is a motto they believe with all their souls, making them popular humanitarians.
  • Aquarius enjoys being around friends, freedom, helping people, fighting for causes, having an intellectual conversation, and an excellent listener.
  • Aquarius dislikes limitations, breaking promises, being lonely, boring jobs, and people who disagree with them without rhyme or reason.

Positive Traits:

  • The core of an Aquarian is - confidence, self-assuredness, courage, curiosity, progressive and original thinking, independence, and humanitarian approach to life.
  • They are objective. This trait makes them problem solvers and a wonderful judge of character.
  • An Aquarian's sense of perception and intuition makes them look at things from a fresh perspective.
  • The natives of this sign are abstract thinkers and often pull out-of-the-box solutions from their magic hat.
  • They are futuristic thinkers. Their solutions stand to gain in the long-term rather than short-term.
  • Adventure excites this zodiac sign, and they face challenges with intellect, wit, and determination.
  • Philanthropy acts as the compass that steers the life of an Aquarian.
  • They are true secret keepers. One can share their innermost secrets and be sure that it will stay safe with them.

Negative Traits

  • The cold and aloof nature of the Aquarians will not sit well with everyone around them.
  • The water bearers are temperamental and uncompromising.
  • The natives of the zodiac find it challenging to express their emotional sides.
  • They have a deep sense for me-time, which makes them distant from the worldly affairs.
  • Their desire to be free is magnanimous. They take measures to protect their freedom and independence.
  • They do not forgive when hurt or when their trust is broken.

Aquarius Compatibility

An Aquarian will blend best with fire and air signs, and find it challenging to have relationships with water and earth signs.

Most Compatibility Signs

  • Aquarius can completely understand another aquarian. So their relationship will be fruitful, and great on all levels.
  • Aries understands Aquarians need for spontaneity and creativity, which the latter will treasure.
  • Gemini's intellect is what will keep an Aquarian attracted to the air sign. And the feeling is mutual in this relationship.
  • The water bearer and Libra enjoy sharing ideas on issues of social justice and progressive thought.
  • Aquarius and Sagittarius complement each other in building a healthy relationship. It's almost as if they can reach each other minds and respect each other's individuality.

Least compatibility

  • Taurus and the water bearer's stubborn nature need both of them to pull-all-stops to make the relationship work.
  • Scorpio's jealous, over-protective, and need-to-know-all tendencies make the relationship unconventional and challenging.

Aquarius Women

Mysterious, free-spirited, eccentric, independent are the traits of an Aquarian woman. Her idea of a romance is an intellectual conversation while she is exploring the hidden secrets of the world within herself or outside.
They are blunt to the point of hurting others, but they are also fantastic team players.
They can put together a team and pull-off even the most challenging tasks bringing out the best in each individual. Though they shy away from spot-lights and have their corner to unravel the working of the world, they are brilliant performers when on a stage. Living by your own rules defines an Aquarian woman.

Aquarius Man

They are truth-seekers. Men bearing this zodiac sign are determined to prove their worth and are driven by self-assuredness and self-confidence to achieve anything. They are excellent multi-taskers, have a great imagination, and are intellectuals. They are inclined to learn anything that grabs their attention - art, science, electronics, and even the workings of the universe.
Though their minds are continually seeking to better the world, they are soft-speakers and do not impose their ideas. But their friendliness and ability to have elegant conversations win almost everyone to their sides.Their futuristic thinking drags them away from the present.
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