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Horoscope Questions & Answers

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Recently Customer Asked Questions

Birth charts

Horoscopes or birth charts are prepared by purohits and experts based upon the movements of sun at the time of the child’s birth. Despite the fact that no one can know his or her future, astrology has its own significance as it defines one’s nature, temper, future life, survival and many more and to be very accurate these astrological predictions proved themselves true and accurate with time. Their accuracy kept them in demand always and so in today’s world also this science is being followed by many and specially in a country like India. We Indians fix our marriages based on the “kundali milan” and its nothing but horoscope match of two individuals. If the matching points are high its suggested to perform the marriage otherwise not and this is enough to know its importance for us.

Zodiac Signs

These horoscopes are based upon 12 zodiac signs which are predicted as per the 12 months in a year. These 12 zodiac signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The zodiac signs are predicted as per the effects of air, water, earth and fire and thus makes an impression on an individual’s life.

Daily Horoscope @ Puja N Pujari

Puja N pujari provides daily astrological predictions / free horoscope for each of the 12 zodiac signs specified. Check in our website for your and your loved one’s horoscopic predictions and follow the colour and other remedies to get maximum benefits.

Features of Puja N Pujari

Puja N pujari is a spiritual firm dedicated towards providing all kind of spiritual help to its customer base be it performing puja at home or temple or online sale of all kind of spiritual items and gods and goddesses idols. We feel glad to help you in finding pandits and purohits by making it available in one single click of yours. Our panel of pandits are highly qualified and experienced and that too we cater in your preferred regional rituals in your language itself. Along with all other services we also extend our help for all kind of astrological assistance's to our customers.

Astrologer Consultation

Getting astrological assistance’s now became very easy because Puja N pujari is working as a medium for you to get your predictions directly from famous astrologers like Maharshee Vani Anand Guruji and many others. Now just send us a request for appointment with your preferred astrologers at Puja N pujari astrologer’s panel and get updated by us for the appropriate time and we assure to serve you as soon as possible.

Panchanga Predictions

Panchangs are the Hindu calendars which are designed by making calculations of time and movements of celestial bodies as well as sun. They are created and published based on five elements which are “tithi” or lunar phase, “vara” or week days, “nakshatra” or start constellation and moon is placed here itself, yoga or the latest period going on and karana which is also known as the half of tithi and then a particular time or muhurat is decided. These panchangs are designed and published in all local languages and is used for predicting auspicious dates any occasion like marriages, naming functions,gruha pravesha and many more. It is also capable of predicting the dates of solar and lunar eclipses

Remedies and Recommendations

Astrological predictions and future announcements are done by qualified astrologers who understands the mathematical calculations of time and periods including the movements of our celestial objects. The movements and positions of these bodies effects us in both ways whether good or bad and they are decided by our past life’s good or bad deeds. If an individual had done good deeds in his past life then these bodies makes good effects otherwise bad effects over powers us. But this is not the case always, sometimes some bodies may be neutral and in that case we must try to make significant effects on us. This is the time when remedies are done to empower our weak forces and weaken the bad one’s.


Remedies of astrological predictions are nothing but our positive deeds to nullify the negativeness or to increase the positive effects of the forces which influences us. These remedy pujas may include many forms such as doing mantra ucharna, puja and homamas, tantra vidya and observing fasts etc are done are pacify the negativity which creates harmful effects on us and enables to increase the positivity in our life.