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Ayusha Homa

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All Puja Samagri Kit
All Puja Samagri Kit

Book pandits online for Ayusha Homa in Bangalore at Puja N Pujari. We made pandit and puja material booking a hassle free.

Ayusha Homa is performed to improve life span of an individual. It is generally performed for regaining heath at times one falls seriousely ill. 

By starting a new trend of booking pandit online Puja N Pujari also brought down the cost of performing puja and puja material at its lowest. We have reduced the burden of going to market and buying all the puja material. It would be tough for you to find all the puja material at one place. So, we took your burden and send you a quality puja material and deliver to your home a day before puja starts or as and when it required.

Religious Significance of Ayusha Homa
  • Invoking Ayur devata and chanting Ayusha Suktham for good health and longevity
  • Can be performed for any age group to energise a person
When can the Ayushya Homa be performed?

Ayushya Homa is performed on the janma tithi of the person. It can also be performed on any other auspicious day by consulting an astrologer.

Advantages of Performing the Ayusha Homa
  • Removes negativities surrounding a person's heath and eradicates possibilities of accidents and injuries.
  • Heals physical and psycological health conditions. 
Religious Significance of Marriage Ceremony Conducting Kalyana Puja invokes Gods and Goddesses to come and bless the couple
  • Ayusha homa is performed at the temple.According to the astrology i have troubles in my life. To clear all the problems i did ayusha homa in the temple for that i booked purohit from PujaNPujari. very satisfied.
    pramod Jun 10, 2019

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