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Published By : Madhav

Updated On : 09/07/2019

Published On : 29/01/2019

Vastu Tips for Office: Direction, Color, Boss Cabin, Position & Remedies

Every business thrives on finance and quality of work to be done by its employees and its very necessary to keep the office environment positive and peaceful. It is always advisable to consult a purohit or a vaastu shastra expert before buying a plots for an office purpose or while constructing it.  Any construction whether it is a house or an office is directly related to its directions and locations which is the deciding factor of health and wealth of that place. Like we take care of these mythological things before constructing our house, we should also take care for our office business areas and buildings.

Some rules and regulations are mentioned here which should be taken care of before building a office:

Vastu Tips for Office

While thinking of office area first things which comes to your mind is the plot, which plays an important factor both mythologically and financially. Financially when we see, it should be in the area where you will easily attract businesses and customers and it should be on highly operational roads or highways and mythologically when we see then one thing which is very significant is Vaastu shastra. So, as per vaastu shastra, always buy the plot of SHERMUKHI TYPE, which is broader from the front and and narrower from the back.

  1. We should also prefer square shaped or rectangular shaped plots which is considered to be most preferable for office locations.
  2. Accounting professionals should always sit in the South-east direction so that they can face in the north east direction of the office area. It ensures wealth to the company’s balance sheet. Similarly, important files and papers should also be kept in the same directions as well.
  3. It should always face North, North-West or North-East directions.
  4. It is suggested that the mid part or central area of the office should be empty so that it gives a positive vibes to the customers as well as it also provides positiveness to the office owner.
  5. It is also being said that one should always free the North-West direction of their office and strictly no toilet should be built in this direction. It is the financial direction which ensures financial security to any office.
  6. If one believes in Fengshui, try to keep one aquarium with nice gold fishes and one black fish in the North east direction of your office. It yields very nice results in terms of the growth and development of your office.
  7. With respect to the company’s owner, he or she should always face towards North while finalizing any deal. It increases the chance of success and thus yields prosperity to the company.
  8. Marketing professionals should be made to sit facing North-west direction which helps to keep their mind active as are the driving force in taking your company to a new height.
  9. Another important aspect in terms of the boss or the owner of the company is that their working tables should always be rectangular in shape and size.
  10. Despite providing a comfortable work space, employees should not be allowed to sleep in the office as it attracts negative forces to the office.

Beyond the above mentioned some more vaastu shastra specifications are specified by the vaastu shastra science which can be look into through our online platform. We pujanpujari is providing astrological assistance for all types of Vaastu shastra related queries. Log in to our website and book your astrologer at an affordable rate and preferred time.

Must and Should follow tips for Office

  1. For good superabundant consider an east-facing office.
  2. Square or rectangular shape is best for office construction, and circumvent nonuniform shapes of the plot of office.
  3. As per Vastu plants in the north-east direction, you can place the water source.
  4. The business organization main head should be facing in the north direction while doing work or trading with the client.
  5. For staff and executives, north or east directions are suitable.
  6. The high-level people in the organization must be made to sit on the south or west direction then only their face must be in the north or east while sitting.
  7. In an office on the left side north-east portion should be empty, their water source is must be installed.
  8. As per Vastu Shastra in west or north-west directions toilets should be installed.
  9. In the southeast direction, a pantry should be constructed.
  10. The staircase should be in the south, south-west, or west directions.
  11. 10.Reception is best to be located in north-east.
  12. If you have to keep temple means keep it in north-east.
  13. Decorate the walls with Pleasing and bright colors.

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  • User Avatar
    AMEET DEODHAR21/04/2019 7:08:59 PM

    I run a travel related company and My office door is facing north and have reception in starting and my cabin is in end but when i sit my position is facing south west with a wall behind me, and a staff working place in front of me. Hope its fine if not can you propose some remedy, as its a rented office cant do any changes in structure.

  • User Avatar
    Maruti Lamani17/04/2019 5:34:32 PM

    What kind of vast plants do you suggest to be placed in Office. And is there any directional rules that needs to be followed?

  • User Avatar
    Kavita17/04/2019 5:32:52 PM

    Do you have any suggestions for pooja mandir directions in office. Does this make any difference from <a href="">pooja mandir in home</a>?

  • User Avatar
    lavanya18/02/2019 2:56:31 PM

    What is bookshelf placement as per Vastu?

  • User Avatar
    nithya16/02/2019 2:20:46 PM

    The living room should face east, north or north-east. Alternatively, a north-west-facing living room is also favourable.

  • User Avatar
    Puja N Pujari12/02/2019 9:53:16 AM

    Hi Manoj, Thanks for spending time with us .According to Vastu Shastra, the main door or entrance of the office building should face east or north direction. Do not place anything that creates obstacle close to or in front of the main entrance

  • User Avatar
    Nirmal Deb05/02/2019 8:01:13 AM

    Is there any solution or puja if the office is opposing vastu shastra to make it rite??

  • User Avatar
    leela31/01/2019 9:09:56 AM

    in office which direction sitting is good for successful career? could you suggest me?

  • User Avatar
    Manoj30/01/2019 4:20:02 PM

    What vastu points should be considered while placing desk in office?

  • User Avatar
    Vishnu Mohan30/01/2019 8:40:32 AM

    Is planting a tree or a plant in the center place of the office is a good thing? if it's good than where exactly should a tree or plant be place or planted in the office?