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Dhanvantri Homa

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Book pandits online for Dhanvantri Homa in Bangalore at Puja N Pujari. We made online pandit and puja material booking a hassle free.

An incarnation of Lord Satyanarayana / Vishnu, Dhanvantri is believed to be the Father of medicine as per Hindu scriptures and the founder of Ayurveda. He is worshiped to end ailments in physical and mental forms.

Religious Significance of Dhanvantari Pooja
  • Dhanvantari is considered to the first physician and doctor and is renowned as God of health and immortality
  • Dhanvantari Pooja is conducted to terminate physical and mental problems and to recover from chronic illness affecting an idivual for long.
When can the Dhanvantari Pooja be Performed?

This Pooja is performed on the Ashtami day (of Navratri) and Dhanteras day, but it can also be performed as per the position of the stars and planets according to one’s birth chart. This Pooja can be performed on Mondays too.

Advantages of Performing Dhanvantari Pooja

Increases one’s life span and restores good health
Negates evil energy and brings prosperity

Dhanvantri Homam
  • Purohith suggested me to do Dhanvantri Homa for my health issues to solve. I am a resident of Bangalore. I dont have any idea where to perform. I approached PujaNPujari to perform puja on time. There everything is available through online.Thanks PujaNPujari for providing Better services.
    Mahesh Jun 10, 2019

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